USK Gourmet Emergency

Good meals happen as the result of a combination of things. It starts with good earth and good farming. The farmer then brings the harvest to market, where all of us city folk try to select the best ingredients available. Those ingredients can be consumed without any further process; or a chef will use those ingredients to create a dish or an entire meal.


Without the art of the chef, the raw materials that emerge from our earth are like a fantastic assortment of the finest symphony musicians – without the conductor.  They can certainly play their instruments magnificently – but without the conductor’s touch, something would definitely be missing. It is only under the knowing eyes and ears of a conductor that the combination of ingredients (orchestral-score-by-a-composer+musicians-with-instruments-in-hands) can be transformed into a symphony.


In a similar way, it is only under the knowing nose and taste palate of a seasoned chef, that the combination of ingredients can be transformed into a truly delectable meal.


Alas, not many of us can afford to hire a private chef – or enjoy frequent restaurant meals. And, we often find ourselves without enough time to prepare meals at home using the finest fresh ingredients.


As a private chef, I have been looking for solutions to this problem – and I have finally found a very promising one. By carefully selecting the finest in-season farmer’s market vegetables available, and then carefully dehydrating those vegetables, I am able to create a broad pallet of vegetable “colors,” with which I can create symphonies of flavor. The dehydration process results in an exquisite concentration of flavor elements, which emerge beautifully upon re-hydration on the stove. The flavors of each vegetable retain their own discrete characteristics on the plate, much more so than would be the case when they are all cooked together before dehydration.


The other obvious advantage to dehydration is convenience. These dehydrated meals have a much longer shelf life – at least several months. And, these meals are very easy to put together, as I’ve done all the preparation and planning for you.


In addition to the exquisite flavors and convenience, there is one more bit of good news: These meals are good for you - the dehydrated vegetables are rich in a broad range of nutrients. And, last but not least – you can store these Gourmet Emergency meals for not just the next “culinary emergency” (lack of time and/or energy to labor away in the kitchen); but also for a real emergency. These meals are the perfect food component of any earthquake preparation kit.


So open up a packet tonight and treat yourself to a rich symphony of flavors – then put a few away for a flavorful rainy day.



Here's how it works...

Dehydrated vegetables before they are transformed into soup

Add water and watch the stovetop transformation....