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We can incorporate your products into our catering menus, and provide brand identity information as an inclusive component of those menus.  Here is an example...

Specialized Marketing Materials

We can develop informational fact sheets and Web-based documents that educate and motivate your customer base.  Here is an example of a fact sheet that we developed for Frieda's Specialty Produce in Los Angeles...

Pre-peeled Coconut from a Kitchen Perspective

Fresh coconut

I found the pre-peeled coconut to be very easy to work with. I used a food processor to shred. The result was a coarse shred that worked well with certain applications. For example, to make coconut milk and non-dairy cream, or to add flavor and texture to a pureed soup. It is also an excellent way to give texture to a cake (yield=4 cups per coconut). When I used a fine grater on the fresh coconut, I found that it the process was quick and effortless. This provided a fine shred that worked beautifully in lighter dishes such as puddings. It also is an excellent garnish (yield=5 cups per coconut).


• Frieda’s Fresh Coconut peels easily with a potato peeler
• It toasts nicely in a 350 oven, for 10-15 minutes
• It toasts quickly in a dry skillet, for 5 minutes
• It steeps beautifully in hot water, milk, or cream. Strain or whir in blender
• Adding fresh coconut to Nuevo Latino, Asian & Middle Eastern cuisines will enhance the final taste results. It also enhances specialty baked goods
• Once the package is opened, the refrigerator life is two days
• Once the product has been made, the shelf life increases to three to four days depending on sugar content; there should be no waste
• The coconut, whether whole, shredded, peeled, or in a recipe, will freeze very well

Here are some ideas for quick preparation:

• Grated Coconut; use as a component to a tropical dish or as a garnish
• Pair with Meyer Lemon or Key Lime Curd and mascarpone cream in assembled desserts (think tiramisu)
• Fold into sweetened whipped cream as an accent; top with toasted coconut
• Add to muffins or scones to serve with tropical fruit salad or fruit curd
• Use to prepare mignardise to accent a dessert plate (macaroons, truffles, financiers)
• Add to streusel or crumble toppings for fresh pies and tarts
• Coconut “Cream”
• Enhance a non-dairy vegetable or fruit soup. Improves body and creamy feel
• Use as a base for coconut crème brulée, which can be presented in a coconut “Bowl”
• Prepare a rich savory or sweet dressing for salad
• Reduce or add to a dulce de leche, to be used in and endless number of ways.

Coconut halves

• Use as a container for soup, or salad, or sauce such as chutney or salsa with skewered-and-speared items on top
• Use as a dessert container for puddings, sorbet, and ice cream. Top with meringue or whipped cream
• Dip outer rim of coconut in vanilla scented-sugar (brush with lime first), or dip in melted chocolate for dessert display.

We also can produce specialized copy and application ideas, such as these...

Here are some cocktail and food applications that we developed for V6 Vodka.

Here is the recipe card that we did for V6 Vodka...

Here is another example of a recipe card...

As a spokesperson for gourmet and health-oriented products, I can bring your products to attention of the discerning health-conscious dining community.  I have appeared on syndicated radio programs as a spokesperson for various health-oriented and/or gourmet products.   Here is an example of a testimonial: