Raw Food Buffet for Westside Health Practioners Group September 17, 2014

LifeSail Fundraiser - 4/5/14 - Happy Birthday, Matt

Pasta Donation to Occupy Venice - March 2014

I donated a spread for this wonderful organization, that provides sailing experiences to inner-city children who would otherwise not have such an opportunity.  Visit the website of Life Sail to learn more about their excellent work!   http://www.lifesail.com/home/

Soup for "Feed The Homeless Xtmas in Venice - Save a Penny Foundation - 12-25-13

I made 15 quarts of soup.  It felt good to share this flavorful and healthful soup with our less neighbors.

Afternoon Tea in the Learning Garden at Venice High School - October 2013

Holiday Desserts for the Mar Vista Neighborhood Youth Association Families - December 2012

Award Meal at Mar Vista Youth Center - December 2012

Tea Service for Fundraiser at Palms Middle School - May 2009

Urban Survival Kitchen Workshops by June Pagan, Private Chef

The ten-week Culinary Training Program at St. Joseph Center was created in 1991 to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in the food service industry, especially institutional kitchens such as those found in hospital and corporate cafeterias. The program consists of six weeks of classroom training followed by a four-week externship. The classroom training includes Life Skills such as effective communication, work place issues and time management, culinary theory, and a food service practicum.

Nothing beats homemade gnocchi...I'll show you how to do it!