Mixed Media Artwork by Gary Eisenberg


There is something special about a good, freshly baked bread.  The late philosopher Alan Watts sums it all up very nicely...
"Much may be learned about a civilization from it’s staple food, which in our case, is supposed to be bread. Real bread is a solid and crusty substance with an aroma evoking visions of farm kitchens, flour mills, sacks of wheat and rolling, waving fields of grain, gold and gentle in the lazy heat of a late summer afternoon."

Alan Watts

I use only the finest ingredients in my baking, with emphasis on organic, cruelty-free, and fair-trade products.  Please see my Food for Thought section, above, for details.

One day on a brisk afternoon, I was wandering around the West Village, in New York City.  I came across a small but inviting basement food boutique.  Being the curious 14-year-old that I was, I entered.  As I passed the entrance, my eyes and nose were drawn to an unassuming basket in the corner.  Nestled in this basket were deep-colored brown gems.  Emanating from them was the scent of orange, caraway, anise, honey, molasses, wheat and rye.  These small loaves were Swedish Limpa Rye breads.  I bought one and savored it over several days.  This experience inspired me to become a baker of bread.  To this day, whenever I bake Swedish Limpa Rye, it brings me back to my childhood, and the beginning of my journey in food.

Mixed Media Artwork by Gary Eisenberg