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"June is an artist in the kitchen."

Al Pacino


"Your fried chicken was fabulous!"

Elizabeth Taylor 


"During hard times, there are three people I would not let go - my trainer, my hairstylist, and my chef.  June has kept us healthy."

Judith Krantz


"Each evening, June prepares a beautiful and delicious meal,not only for my husband and myself but one that will please my two teenage sons, sometimes cooking two separate meals. June cooks with a great deal of variety and skill."

Sally Field


"You're hired." (after tasting June's warm-out-of-the-oven homemade ginger cookies on a chilly winter day.)

Diane Keaton


"The meatball stew is INCREDIBLE!! I could easily eat that twice a week!
The gnocchi was delicious!
The cereal is PERFECT!
The apricots were amazing!
I Like the Soba salad!
Arugula/tomatoes were great! I LOOOOVE arugala and it was perfect, not  bitter!`
Steak meal was FANTASTIC!
Lentil soup was great!
Pasta is yummy!
Chicken with Mango is good!
All the snacks are perfect!
Shrimp is phenomenal!
Fruit cup is yummy.
Oatmeal & museli my favorites.
Steak and veggies are very tasty.
Banana cake is beyond incredible.
I'm VERY excited about eating delicious, healthy food!"
Laura Numeroff

Menu of Services...

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My Mission Statement

To deliver flavorful, exciting food that is always made with the purest and highest quality ingredients available - food that is prepared with a respect for nutritional integrity.  There are two essential factors in bringing great meals to the table:  1) Selection of fresh ingredients, from local growers whenever possible; and 2) Preparing each dish by hand, in small batches, to ensure quality and uniqueness. Nourish your body, nourish your soul.


“Happily, there is still in our souls a primitive and essential awe for that central god of the kitchen, whose name is fire.”

Alan Watts 1968


"The real superiority of a good cook lies not so much in the preparation of expensive dishes as in the attractive preparation of inexpensive dishes for every day and in the skillful combination of flavors."
Henry T. Finck 1913


“My faith in human nature tells me that our very nerves will force us to realize that there can be no taste at the table without love in the kitchen.”

Alan Watts 1968

About June Pagan

June Pagan was born in New York, and remained in the tri-state area until she was in her early twenties. Her interest in the culinary arts was sparked by visits to legendary restaurants such as Brasserie and El Faro, and Greene Street. She has a strong affinity for East Coast cuisine styles, from New England to Florida. She developed a broad range of ethnic styles, through her years of exposure to different food cultures in New York. June has more than two decades of experience as a full-service caterer, private chef, corporate yacht chef, and consultant to restaurants and health spas. She has also created and developed a weight-loss and disease prevention food program, “Clean Cuisine.”

During the early 1980’s, June was a corporate yacht chef on the eastern seaboard, providing exclusive meal service to the owners of multi-million dollar yachts from the Caribbean to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Among her many clients was the owner of the New York Coliseum (New York Islander hockey team). June worked the 1983 America’s Cup competition, providing catering services. By the mid 1980’s, she was fully trained at the Pritikin Center in Santa Monica, leading to the position of Head Chef at a satellite facility. During 1987, she served as personal chef to Al Pacino and Diane Keaton, providing New York Italian style menus. She was also the personal chef to Sally Field from 1987 through 1990, serving regional American dishes to Ms. Field and her family.

By 1996, June had become the personal chef to Elizabeth Taylor. June utilized her well-honed dietary expertise to help Elizabeth Taylor achieve a fifteen-pound weight loss goal in two weeks, prior to a European tour. From 1998 through 2000, June served as personal chef to the CEO of City National Bank, providing gourmet and diet-oriented family meals. In addition to providing in-home meals to these personal clients, June also catered larger dinner parties, wrap parties, and other special events.

As a result of her experience with high-profile Hollywood clientele, June developed a following for her unique approach to healthy gourmet-style cooking. By 1990, June was one of the first chefs to develop a gourmet food delivery service, providing “clean cuisine” to her demanding clientele. She has developed hundreds of specialty dishes which, while being designed for disease prevention and weight loss, satisfy the palate. Her numerous clients have included Glen Frye, Fran Drescher, Jason Alexander, Katie Sagal, Kathy Najimy, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Aaron Spelling, Pia Zadora, Michael Pressman, the Trusteeship for the Betterment of Women, and the Italian-American Foundation of San Pedro. Her menu consultation clients have included the Los Angeles Athletic Club and the Pritikin Center. Most recently, June served as private chef to Judith & Steven Krantz, keeping Ms. Krantz at a svelte Size 2.

In addition to her experience as a chef, June Pagan is an accomplished baker. She has created her own line of miniature desserts, which achieved popularity among restaurants, caterers and her private clients.

June Pagan is currently working on incorporating healthy chocolate desserts into her dietary program, with an emphasis on creating satisfying-but-healthy sweets for menopausal women. June will be developing a number of desserts that can be consumed by people with diabetes. She also provides menu consultation services to individuals as well as businesses.

June Pagan was voted “Best Chef for two” – Los Angeles Magazine, “Best of L.A.” 1999 issue. She has also held membership in the San Francisco Food Society and the Los Angeles Women Chefs Association. For June Pagan, cooking has been much more than just a career – it has been her journey in life.


Most recently, June Pagan has been active as a volunteer with St. Joseph's Culinary Program, where she works with fledgling culinary students, helping them to hone their skills.  For photographs and additional information, go to the "Urban Survival Kitchen" tab above.